Initial Consultation

Introductory session among student, parents, and consultant that includes:

  • In-depth discussion to review personal and academic history
  • Assessment of student’s current and future curriculum and overall academic record 
  • Review of standardized testing timeline, preparation and strategies 
  • Discussion about extra-curricular activities and summer options
  • Strategies to improve time management and study skills and a discussion of other factors that impact academic success
  • Step by step walkthrough on the college admissions process, highlighting key areas in which the student should focus 
  • Development of preliminary college visit list

Comprehensive College Guidance Program

Applying to college is an exciting but also a stressful time in a student’s life. At Stearns Group, we build strong relationships with our students as they go through our College Guidance program.  We help students navigate the complicated and competitive college process to ultimately find the school that is their best personal fit.  This personalized program includes:

  • Consistent monitoring of academic performance and advising on course selection 
  • Assisting with time management strategies
  • Identifying test preparation professionals and solidifying standardized test timeline
  • Advising student on service opportunities, extra-curricular activities and summer jobs/internships
  • Developing a robust resume to present for colleges and/or work opportunities that promote student’s special skills such as theatre, art, music, and athletics
  • Planning college visits and preparing for the interview process with admissions and/or alumni
  • Providing support throughout the entire Common Application process with an emphasis on the personal statement essay and the activity section
  • Continually refining college list for final application submission
  • Strategy development for application options, such as early decision and early action
  • Help manage and advise on deferment and wait list scenarios
  • Continued interaction with student and family while decisions are being made on final college choice 
  • Personalized service until the student matriculates their freshman year

Athletic Recruit Program

Our Athletic Recruit program assists students and their families with the demanding process of researching, selecting and applying to colleges as an athletic recruit. Through this program, we work closely with students so they can best present themselves as a student-athlete highlighting academic achievement, athletic talent, extracurricular activities, leadership ability, and character.  Our Athletic Recruit program includes: 

  • Overview of the college recruiting timeline and process
  • Highlight video and athletic resume review
  • Guidance on coach outreach and follow up
  • Camp and showcase advice to maximize efficiency and recruiting looks
  • Overview of NCAA recruiting guidelines, compliance and NLI oversight
  • Objective evaluation of talent by college coaches including video, live competition, camps, and showcases
  • College list development considering academic and athletic goals, appropriate fit and financial considerations
  • If/when appropriate, coach outreach by Stearns Group with family consent
  • Ongoing college list management to maximize looks and cultivate offers.  Options include repeat junior year and post-graduate (PG) opportunities
  • Progress will be continuously monitored to ensure that academic goals are being met and target programs are contacted
  • Evaluation of offers and opportunities

A La Carte Services

At Stearns Group, we realize that every family has different needs while going through the college process. This is why we selectively offer individual service consulting that can target specific topics.This includes, but is not limited to:

  • College list assessment and campus visit itinerary planning
  • Common Application support 
  • College essay support
  • Interview preparation
  • Hourly support