The college application process is hard to navigate as is, and we soon realized that there was quite a bit we didn’t know. Geoff was quick to step in and guide us through those times. We have three children with different skill sets and personalities. Geoff bonded with all three to successfully navigate their college searches, focusing on their interests (academic, athletic, community work, etc.), and subsequently each kid found their perfect place. Without Geoff’s help, we would not have reached those destinations so easily! His energy, passion, kindness, knowledge and attention to detail is unmatched. We will always be grateful to Geoff for his guidance and highly recommend his services without any reservations.

Phillips Family, Chappaqua, NY


Stearns Group offers access to scores of trained professionals qualified to help your family. Geoff Stearns’ relationships and network of colleagues from around the globe are our core. These include IECA and NACAC certified educational consultants, college coaches, athletic directors, admissions counselors, personal trainers, tutors, and other dedicated professionals who deal with young adults on a day-to-day basis. I believe in matching the appropriate consultant with each and every family.

My training, work ethic, passion and life experiences have put me in a position to assist your family to find the right boarding school and/or college. My role is to educate, guide, identify opportunities, support families and act as a liaison or gatekeeper when appropriate.

Our process is gradual and measured toward a mutual decision that Stearns Group is the best match for your family. We have placed hundreds of students at selective schools. Some of our students have learning disabilities, struggle academically, are impacted by test anxiety or have been asked to leave school and desire a new beginning. With Stearns Group, the first hour is free and the process is measured to match your child with the appropriate consultant. Stearns Group is an ideal choice to begin your boarding school or college search.

About Us

In an industry where some consultants charge thousands of dollars per hour Stearns Group offers extraordinary value. Don’t assume that a consultant that charges a higher fee is more knowledgeable or harder working. This is all we do, full-time, 365 days a year.  At Stearns Group the first hour is always free.  Most clients commit to comprehensive college planning over several years but we are mindful that at times working hourly is best for all parties. Reaching out to Stearns Group is a powerful way to start a student’s college search

We would never aim to work with every client that is referred to us. We assess each inquiry carefully to determine if we can add value and guide a family effectively. We team with a network of consultants that share our passion, vision and track record of superior service and positive outcomes.  Each circumstance is different and teenagers are often fickle about whom they relate to. Rapport, mutual understanding and chemistry are essential to a student and consultant working together effectively.

I believe that the best way to learn about a college is to visit campus. Take a tour, attend an information session, visit with a student, coach or admissions counselor. I strive to visit 40-50 colleges and boarding schools each year. It is time consuming and expensive but I feel the benefits to my students are well worth it. I have traveled to all but a handful of States to visit the colleges that our clients are applying to. Ultimately, my experiences on campuses lead to expanded options for students and help streamline the process for parents.

Geoff Stearns visits as many as 50 schools a year to stay up to date with the latest admission trends. Click here to read full bio